Finally, Sega has confirmed when people will be able to purchase Endless Dungeon. On May 18, the action-packed game will launch on Steam, Play Station 5, Play Station 4, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Series X/S. Eventually, a Nintendo Switch version will be accessible.

endless dungeon

Amplitude Studios’ Endless Dungeon was initially expected to release in 2022. It’s a squad-based mashup of a  tower defense game and a twin-stick shooter. Players must advance through a dungeon while also guarding a supposed crystal bot.

You have the option of controlling three characters solo or in a group with three friends (you’ll be able to give orders to the other two while still being able to control one directly). You will slowly be able to access continuous upgrades, characters, and weapons in Endless Dungeon because it is a roguelite.

In addition to announcing the release date, Sega also decided to open pre-orders for the majority of platforms. By pre-purchasing the “Last Wish” digital edition, you’ll receive early access two days prior to the official launch and some additional freebies. There is also a physical Day One edition that includes an art book and a card game. Additionally, Sega unveiled a fresh trailer that depicts some even more frantic gameplay.

More on ‘Endless Dungeon”

The player of Endless Dungeon is in charge of a group of three characters as they investigate a deserted space station. At launch, there will be eight playable characters in the game, each possessing their own special abilities, skills, and weapons. When playing alone, the player can only take full control of one character whilst also giving orders to the other characters. 

As many as three players can cooperate and work together in the game’s cooperative multiplayer mode. Protecting a “Crystal Bot” as it approaches a bulkhead door on every level is the squad’s main objective. The space station’s floors are algorithmically generated, and the game has ten distinct levels.

Players discover new rooms as they explore, and these rooms contain generator spots that bestow upon them new resources such as Dust Shards, science, industry, food, science, and industry. They can be utilized to upgrade the Crystal Bot, research and create turrets, as well as heal the squad. 

Even so, hordes of adversaries could also appear and try to take out the Crystal Bot. Although the game is real-time, the player will only receive resources after opening a new door. Rogue-lite video games’ influences can also be seen in Endless Dungeon.