Surviving The Abyss is a survival title in the depths of the ocean set in the Cold War.

Surviving The Abyss was announced last November, though it received little press and has been silently travelling through these months. The game from Paradox Arc and Rocket Flair Studios is now available on Steam as an Early Access. If you don’t know it, the trailer will give you an idea of how interesting this proposal looks.

In 1976, during the Cold War, you have been tasked with building and managing a research facility in the depths of the sea with the aim of perfecting human cloning. To that end, we must maintain the facility’s oxygen, energy, and food supplies, keep your crew alive, and, above all, prevent them from falling into a deep madness. In addition to discovering and extracting resources, we must explore and delve into the dark depths to advance your research.

But that is not all: in the depths lies “the Anomaly”. The safety lights of our base become our best ally. We can detect the presence of the Anomaly through seismic activity monitoring. At some point, the Anomaly will make its presence felt, forcing us to act quickly to save your base. We cannot eliminate it, we must endure the passage of the Anomaly in the best way possible, trying to lose the least amount of lives and resources.