Players can now view the artist credits of a particular card thanks to a brand-new feature added in the most recent Marvel Snap update. Players can now see who drew, colored, and inked each card in another player’s deck thanks to an update. This feature went live on January 11 but wasn’t initially mentioned in the patch notes.

Marvel Snap. Credit: Second Dinner, Marvel.
Marvel Snap. Credit: Second Dinner, Marvel.

Nicki Borderick, the senior producer, had this to say on Twitter:

“So excited to share our updated artist credits in Marvel Snap! The team worked super hard on this and I’m stoked it’s finally live. Ever wonder who worked on your favourite art? Head to your collection and tap on the nameplate to see the artist details!”

Through a tap on the nameplate just above the card, which says “variant” or “base” and contains symbols designating which artist created what, the credits can be seen.

Leader, Galactus, Aero, and Nova have all received buffs in the most recent update for Marvel Snap. Additional changes to Leader are currently being worked on, according to the chief development officer of Second Dinner.

Leader’s effect is showing to be particularly polarising in its capability to lock down games and deter playing few other 6-Cost cards, which is very disappointing to players. They are temporarily reducing his power while exploring potential future modifications to the card, according to the patch notes.

In the meantime, the base stats of Drax, Groot, Black Cat, Hazmat, and Nakia have all been improved. According to a different blog post, Marvel Snap is planning to release first editions soon to go along with the very first series drop. This will make some series 4 and 5 cards more affordable and accessible.

However, not all of it is great news. The “pro bundle,” which costs £89.99 and is geared toward new players, is also included in the Marvel Snap update. However, the price sparked criticism on social media platforms, with many players concerned about the game’s growing commercialization.