Experimentation is the key to unlocking the full potential of the Umbran Witch in Bayonetta 3. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta 3 for the Nintendo Switch is an action adventure with a single player campaign. Following the events of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, the third instalment of the franchise continues the plot.

This InsanelyGaming beginner’s guide will cover the following topics:

  1. Why Bayonetta 3 is Controversial
  2. The Bayonetta 3 story and plot
  3. An overview of gameplay mechanics,
  4. And a little bit more!

A word of caution: The game is incredibly difficult on its own, so you might actually struggle to finish it! It’s a good thing you have this comprehensive guide to Bayonetta 3 in front of you to help you get past the early difficulties!

Is Bayonetta 3 Only on Nintendo Switch?

As a Switch exclusive, Bayonetta 3 surprised many. Source: Amazon UK

Yes, since it is a Nintendo Switch-only exclusive. So if you’re sitting there with an Xbox controller in your hand wondering where to get it — you’ll be sorely disappointed, I’m afraid!

Why is Bayonetta 3 Controversial?

Source: TheGamer

In a few videos, the lead voice actress Hellena Taylor claimed, or at least hinted, that PlatinumGames had only offered her $4,000 to voice Bayonetta in the third instalment of the same-named series. Many fans complied with her request to boycott the match, while others chose not to.

She actually meant that she had been offered at least $15,000, if not more, to voice the character, according to TheGamer. Following her rejection, a smaller cameo for $4,000 was later offered to her. Overall, it’s true that she received a $4,000 offer, but only after declining higher compensation for the lead role.

Why is Bayonetta 3 Rated M?

Suggestive and violent content has made Bayonetta 3 rather controversial. Source: GAMINGbible

Excess acts of violence and/or gore are shown in some scenes, including characters being impaled through the chest and a woman ripping out her own heart while holding it out in a blood-spattered hand. Parts of a female character’s buttocks and breasts are shown in one scene where her clothing has been cut off and discarded.

The majority of the violence, though, is cartoonish. This doesn’t excuse what many suggest is the “oversexualisation” and “objectification” of the main female character.

What is the Bayonetta Story In Bayonetta 3?

Bayonetta One… Two… and Three?! Source: Nintendo Life

Many significant characters, plot twists, and multiple universes are present in Bayonetta’s story.

The story in Bayonetta 3 expands past the conflict between Paradiso and Inferno as reality is put in danger. The Homunculi are released throughout the multiverse by an entity known as Singularity in an effort to eradicate every world without it. To establish an Alphaverse is the goal.

That is a lot of brand-new, odd, and fantastic words! But don’t worry, since the main story takes between 10 and 12 hours to finish, you’ll have plenty of time to comprehend them.

As she traverses these shattered realms in search of the Chaos Gears to stop it, Bayonetta runs into other Bayonettas from different timelines while doing so.

As each Bayonetta encounters danger, new abilities and Infernal Demons are introduced to thwart Singularity’s schemes. There will be many surprises as the Bayonettas come together with the aid of recognisable names and familiar faces like Jeanne and Rodin as well as a new witch named Viola.

The Prologue: A Chaotic Encounter Guide

The core combat system and those brand-new Infernal Demons are introduced in the prologue.

Although there are no collectibles to be found in the first level, there are five Bewitchments that must be obtained, as we’ll see below.

  1. Verse #1 – Opening Battle

Source: Nintendo Life

This is the first battle on a cruise ship that is in danger, so be careful to stay out of the clouds and get used to the feeling of dodging to activate your witch time.

  1. Verse #2 – Here Comes Infernal Demons!

This is opening battle for the Infernal Demons mechanic in the game. Enjoy using Gomorrah in this situation, and make sure to bite a lot for the Bewitchment.

  1. Verse #3 – Keep Calm and Kraken On

Source: Nintendo Life

A Kraken Fight is never to be missed, and this one does not disappoint. Remember that you should use Gomorrah for the Bewitchment to attack his claws.

How to Play Bayonetta 3?

Slash your way to success with countless weapons in Bayonetta 3. Source: Nintendo

There isn’t a single correct way to play Bayonetta 3, but there are two key suggestions you should keep in mind to get the most out of the game:

Leave No Stone Unturned (And No Wall Unbroken)

Even though it might seem obvious, Bayonetta 3 is full of hidden collectibles, mini-trials, missable verses, and even secret chapters called Phenomenal Remnants.

We strongly advise playing all of the levels through. Keep an eye out for things that can be destroyed, breakable walls, and extra items that will let you access more game features.

Keep Your Eyes on the 3 Different Currencies

Keep an eye out in-game to collect all the currency varieties you can. Source: Sportskeeds

Halos, Orbs, and Seeds are Bayonetta’s three primary currencies. These can be used to upgrade skills and abilities, buy colours to customise Bayonetta, and buy accessories and items from Rodin’s store, including health supplies.

  1. Seeds — 

Can be acquired from the flowers. The seeds can be dispersed and collected by simply walking through them. Additionally, when you finish verses, you’ll receive these as bonuses. These can be used to buy accessories as well as items for magic and health.

  1. Orbs —

These are raised from battling foes. Want more orbs? Take on additional foes! Use them to improve Bayonetta’s abilities and arsenal. These are also obtained through verse-ending bonuses.

  1. Halos —

Halos are more difficult to obtain because they are only present in specific instances in each chapter, such as encounters with Angels, or in particular circumstances, such as time trials and beating up objects. Customizations and one-of-a-kind items can be purchased with halos.

What are the Best Gameplay Mechanics in Bayonetta 3?

Attack from every direction — even apparently in giant circular motions?? Source: Video Games Chronicle

Two gameplay mechanics in Bayonetta 3 will blow your Sonic socks off as you play through its 14 main chapters, numerous optional chapters, and countless minigames.

Summon Demon Slaves

For Bayonetta 3, a brand-new mechanic is the ability to call forth Demon Slaves that Bayonetta can fully command. Pressing the arrow buttons during a battle will swap out any of the three Infernal Demons that are equipped at once.

The magic gauge, located in the lower left corner of the screen, displays Bayonetta’s current level of summoning magic. When a demon is called by pressing the ZL button, this will become depleted.

During combat, summon Demon Slaves to deliver devastating attacks and to utilise their unique fighting skills. However, since Bayonetta won’t be able to call forth Infernal Demons in small, enclosed spaces, you can only do this in open spaces.

Witch Time

Fight, fly, and witch-out to defeat your enemies in Bayonetta 3. Source: Engadget

Witch Time is an essential component of the Bayonetta games that you should use as frequently as you can in Bayonetta 3. By performing a precisely timed dodge as Bayonetta, you can activate Witch Time, which causes enemies to temporarily experience slow motion and causes the screen to turn purple.

By effectively deflecting attacks while playing as Viola, Witch Time will be activated.

Depending on how close you were to being struck when you successfully dodged, you will either receive more or less witch time. The length of the Witch Time increases with the quality of the evasion.

What Are the Collectibles in Bayonetta 3?

Keep your eyes peeled for collectibles hidden absolutely everywhere in Bayonetta 3 Source: Gamerpillar

The entire map of Bayonetta 3 is filled with collectibles that can be found.

Umbran Tears of Blood

The Umbran Tears of Blood are among the most significant collectibles available in the Bayonetta games. You can find 3 Umbran Tears of Blood in every chapter of Bayonetta 3 (aside from the final chapter).

Three witch familiars—a crow, a cat, and a toad—will take these forms. Once all three have been located in a single chapter, you can access the Phenomenal Remnant version of that chapter, which occasionally offers extra rewards like new accessories and weapons.

Figure Boxes

This unique kind of item, which is hidden all over the game, can be used to unlock and view fresh in-game art.

The main campaign of Bayonetta 3 contains a good number of Figure Boxes that are hidden. You should occasionally make sure to check Rodin’s Treasure to see if he has any extra Figure Boxes because he has been known to stock them there.

Card Packs

Get your cards in order! Source: SegmentNext

You can unlock various items that can be viewed in the in-game gallery by using Card Packs.

Although the items that the Card Packs unlock provide no in-game benefits, they are entertaining to look at and are sure to satisfy any completionist.


By gathering Records, you can unlock music tracks from Bayonetta 3 and play them.

Despite not necessarily appearing in every chapter, records can be found all over the game.

What are Bewitchments in Bayonetta 3?

Be-the-witch-you-always-knew-you-wanted-to-be! Source: Prima Games

The chapters of Bayonetta 3 include challenges called “bewitchments” that players must complete. Each chapter has 5 Bewitchments that must be unlocked; once you complete a chapter, they are revealed to you.

The Bewitchments for each chapter are listed on this page so you can take on them whether this is your first read-through or you are going back to previous chapters.

After finishing a chapter, you can view the list of Bewitchments you need to complete by going to the Chapter Select screen. A notification letting you know how many Bewitchments you’ve earned will appear in the centre of the screen as you unlock each one.