Xbox Live Gold now offers the option to download a classic Xbox 360 game for free. Any Xbox Live Gold subscriber on an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S is eligible for this offer because this game is backward-compatible. Actually, the game isn’t offered as a part of Games With Gold. If you reside in Argentina, you can play the game through Games With Gold. 

xbox 360 ikaruga

It’s a bonus free game that any individual can download, even if they don’t reside in Argentina, by creating an account with the area, which is something that is possible for anyone. Ikaruga is the game at issue. Ikaruga is the title of the game at hand.

If anything about this rings a bell, that’s because Games With Gold’s Argentina branch has previously offered this game at no cost. In fact, it is frequently available for free, so it’s probable that you may already have this game. It is not really public knowledge why it is regularly offered to Xbox Live Gold members in Argentina, but it seems to happen only in that particular region of South America.

The actual game is a shoot ’em up from renowned developer Treasure. Ikaruga was initially a Japanese-only arcade game that was released in 2001 and then later appeared on the Sega Dreamcast in 2002. The Nintendo GameCube version of the game did not release in the West till 2003.

2008, five years later, saw its arrival on Xbox 360. The game, or at least the Xbox 360 version, has a Metacritic score of 87. According to the platform, this count rises and falls.  According to the game’s elevator pitch, “Ikaruga” is a vertical shoot ’em up with special polarity-switching gameplay.